#2 — Counteroffers and how to handle them

The time has come, you finally landed that dream job. You now have the (usually) anxious task of speaking with your current manager to tell them you are leaving.

In theory resigning from your current position should be a straightforward task until… the counteroffer to stay is presented. All the doubts start to run through your head thinking “am I doing the right thing leaving?” and now you feel valued as your employer has offered to increase your salary/improve your job title. My advice would be to take the emotion out of the counteroffer. Over half of employees are counter offered.

Below I will share my thoughts on what to consider when making a move:

What peaked your interest about a new job in the first place?

Does your new position offer you greater career development? (not financial gain, we will come onto that!)

What is the financial gain to join your new company?

Think longer term!

Director of Adaptalent — eCommerce staffing agency